Saturday mornings….

Such a beautiful thing in our house.

It’s the only day of the week where we can all wake up and enjoy a morning together – without an alarm clock!  It’s the only day where we can pretty much do whatever we want.  A typical Saturday for me begins around 5am and considering most days I’m up all hours of the night this is a real treat.

I get up, watch a little TV, check Facebook and get some coffee going.  From there I like to putz around the house picking up the mess left from the night before, start a load of laundry and think about the day ahead.  The boys don’t usually get up until 8-9am so I have a good three hours to myself before chaos ensues.

Not today, I’ve got the big boy sick on the couch, the little boy watching a Sponge Bob marathon and I’m blogging.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, but couldn’t hit on the direction I really wanted to take it.  Until this morning.

I want to share my thoughts and ideas.  My recipes and remedies.  I can’t wait until my next entry and I’m not even done with this one yet.  Life is full of twists and turns and along the way we have the opportunity to meet some really interesting people and learn from them.  I love hearing stories told by friends & family, young and old, and appreciate what every person in my life brings to the table – good and bad.

Life is what you make of it so if sunshine and roses is what you are after, find a way to make it happen.  I’m not saying run to the mall and buy a cute pair of shoes or hint to your partner that flowers in the immediate future are expected.  I’m talking about the environment you create around you.  What you put out into the universe is what you will get in return.  Sometimes I wonder what the last 20 years would have been like had I learned this sooner, but I have no regrets and have learned some very valuable lessons along the way (some more than once).

It’s a beautiful fall morning and we are actually going to be in the high 70’s today which is crazy for November.  Even if we are in California.  Hopefully wherever you are and whatever you are doing you have a blessed day.

Remember, it’s takes more energy to hate than it does to love.

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