Technology causes me to pause once again.

It is incredible to me how much things have changed since I was a kid.  I was born in March 1976.

I grew up in the days when having a phone in your room was a BIG deal; a Sony Walkman was the “IT” gift one year; caller-ID didn’t exist; conversations with people happened naturally, by accident when you called to speak to another member of the household; you walked to your friend’s house to see if they could come out and play, and you actually played outside; when I took typing class in High School it was on an electric typewriter and that was kind of a big deal; it wasn’t until the early 90’s that pagers became popular for everyone, not just doctors; and cell phones, yeah they were around, but they were big & ugly, expensive and noting at all like they are today.

I have moments when I feel we depend on technology too much.  We’ve lost touch with having personal relationships with our family, friends and neighbors.  We don’t call someone just to say hi, we send a text or an email.  Very few send handwritten cards or notes for birthdays, anniversaries, condolences, get well, or to say thank you.  I have an aunt and a good friend who have mastered the art of sending a special card or note at just the right time.  Finally, after all this time I’m catching on and following suit.  It’s a nice feeling to sit down and spend five minutes writing someone a note.  I almost think it feels as good to write it as it does to receive it.

You’re probably asking….what prompted this post?  Well, I just sent the following text to my mom who lives in another state.  Had you told me 30 years ago that this conversation would take place, in the fashion it did I would have said you were crazy:

“Hey mom.  I don’t know if you have the google+ app on your phone but if you don’t you should.  I think you’ll like it.  Its kind of like Facebook and Pinterest combined.  Your gmail email is your account.  Let me know when you set it up and I’ll add you to my circle.  Love you.”

My hope is that we all find a balance between personal relationships and technology and learn when to put the cell phone, tablet, laptop, or gaming device down more often to spend quality time with the ones we love.

That said, I’m signing off for the night so that I can enjoy my own QT with my loves.  Happy Saturday!

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