Day 1 – Take Time To Be Silly

This sounded easier than it was.  After a busy day at work and a stressful evening of 3rd grade homework, dinner and no end in sight – I couldn’t even fathom how I was going to pull this off.  All night my internal voice was telling me not to quit on the first day.

Finally, it hit me.  This homework stress.  Begging JJ to read for 30 minutes.  Threatening to take away any and all things that bring him joy to get him to cooperate.  It is all going to be gone in the blink of an eye.  In a few short years he wont want or likely need me hovering over while he does his homework (I’ll always have my eye on him).  And before I know it he will be going off to college.

When you think about it, the next 10 years are a small fraction of the time we hope to have left on this earth.  I am choosing not to stress that time away.

Once the homework was done and his belly was full he started telling me about his day.  We went for a bike ride up to the school.  And then we made a video.  Because I have a silly kid who slid in a lot of dirt playing baseball today and he wanted to show it off.  (I can’t add it, but will post it to my Facebook page later.)

Big shoes to fill
Big shoes to fill

JJ also played around in Matthew’s shoes.  He got such a kick out of how big they were.

Tomorrow we will go on a family nature walk.  I can’t wait.

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