Day Two – Nature Walk

We went on a walk, does that count?  JJ’s dad takes him to dinner on Wednesdays and doesn’t drop him off until 8pm.  I should have done this when I picked him up earlier, but well… you know stuff happens.

So when he got home we walked over to the local BBQ spot because I suddenly realized Matthew and I hadn’t had dinner yet.  (They have saved me on so many nights like this.)  We stopped and took a few pictures along the way, but more importantly we talked.  I love it when he’s relaxed and can just be himself.

Our walk might not have been long and we may not have seen much nature, but that’s ok.  I have another moment in time to look back on for years to come.

Day Three tomorrow –  “Mentally picture your child at age 30.  Parent every day with that in mind.”

As I was saying yesterday, the school years fly by.  I’m sure my former classmates would attest to that.  Hard to believe that 21 years ago I was finished with high school.  No direction, no hope… little did I know my life would turn out just fine.


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