Boys And Their Toys

So I probably mentioned in an earlier post that my boyfriend is building a motorcycle.  Earlier in the year he sold his second car (an Acura something) and bought his very first bike.  He has had nothing but trouble since day one  – finding more damage than first thought, an undisclosed broken motor mount, missing bolts that turned out to be a challenge to find and no space to work on it.

Slowly over the last few weeks things have started to come together.  He found the size of the bolts, he decided that being able to ride it is more important than how it looks at first, and now he has a place to work on it.

A few weeks ago he mentioned enclosing an area of unused space on the side of the house.  I asked our landlord if we could and she agreed without hesitation.  A couple of days later, and before we even thought about starting the work, she told us she would do the build and one week later the project was started.  It’s nothing special and it isn’t finished yet, but I have one happy man in my life right now.

His baby has a home.  He has a place to pine over it.  And I don’t have to see the motorcycle on my patio any longer.  Everyone wins!

This is his recent YouTube video on the project.  If you’re interested in his project, please follow his channel.



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