Christmas 30 Years Ago

First, I can’t believe I’m about to write about a Christmas memory from 30 years ago.  When did I age?  How did I get to this place?  Wow.

I think I was 8 or 9 the last time I saw my biological father at Christmas.  I remember it was awkward and uncomfortable, but his gift that day planted a seed that has flourished into quite a passion of mine.

It was a 110 Camera, brand forgotten (it’s that age thing).  I couldn’t wait to take pictures.  I snapped shots of my cat and my dog.  Of my mom and whoever else would sit for one.  The quality wasn’t fantastic, but I didn’t know any different.  I loved that camera.

From then on I’ve always had a camera close by.  It was always a pain dropping off the film and waiting a week for the pictures to come back.  Only to find that some were out of focus, or you forgot to take the lens cap off.  I remember when 1-Hour Photo was the newest thing and how cool it was to get your pictures back the same day you dropped them off.  Now I can just look at the screen, decide if it’s good and act from there.  If it needs editing, I can do it with ease.  If I want to share it with my out-of-state family it’s as simple as sending a text message.

Side note: I had no idea when I was my son’s age that technology would have taken off as it has.  It’s exciting, but a little scary.  My son is in 3rd grade and is already learning code.  Say what?!

Is there a gift you’ve received that you have fond memories of?  I’d love to hear about them if you do.

Be blessed.



One thought on “Christmas 30 Years Ago

  1. Good post, Carlye! Oh my gosh you mentioned 1 Hour Photo and that took me right back to moving here to Reno when I was 18. And that was the hot new thing! You are absolutely right on how fast and how far technology has come since we were kids. Have a great day! 🙂

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