Music (and Fall), Is There Anything Better?

No matter what type of music you listen to, I’m pretty sure it has a strong affect on your emotions.  I’ve been fortunate enough to grow up with a family that has a love for good tunes, though I didn’t appreciate it at the time.  My parents had a cool stereo that was always on and my mom’s version of a “babysitter” was to plug in the headphones and let me rock out.  I still have the stereo and original speakers and turn it on almost daily.

As young as 3, I loved the melody and the words.  I remembered them quickly and could easily sing along after hearing a new song just a few times.  My mom had that gift too.  When we would shop she would sing along with the PA system – I was always horrified, wondering who was going to see my mom singing to herself in the women’s section of Macy’s or meat dept. at Safeway.  The torch has been passed as I now catch myself doing it too. The difference – my son sings with me.  Sometimes he even breaks out with a little dance. He embraces my quirks in a way I never did with my mom.  I really have an awesome kid!

Yesterday on my way to work I was thinking about the day ahead.  I had my favorite top 40 satellite station on – @SiriusXMHits1 – but it was low and I was thinking.  I was starting to feel the anxiety creep up.  It was Monday.  I was out sick three days the week prior.  What was I walking into and how long was this day going to drag?

It’s music that pulled me off of the inevitable dark path and turned my mood around.  It only took a second.  The first few bars of the song played and I was already smiling.  I could feel myself swaying with the music and before I knew it I was singing at the top of my lungs.  The anxiety was gone!

So THANK YOU @andygrammer for the words of your song are true, it is “Good to be Alive” right about now.

The best part of yesterday – I was finally able to snap some pictures that capture the beauty of the trees in our small town.  I love this time of year.

I only have two more days this week so I keep telling myself today is Thursday instead of Tuesday. Call it my own Jedi mind trick.

Whatever day of the week it is to you, make it a great one.


What is a #boymom?

I’m sure the definition is different for everyone.  That’s what makes us special and honestly, while there may be similarities, I’m glad we don’t all do things the same way.  Life would be pretty boring.

This is small sample of what being a boy mom is to me:

It’s messes and sticky hands. It’s sports – lots and lots of sports. It’s cuts and scrapes. It’s jammed fingers and stitches. It’s understanding how little boys think and learn how to respond in a way that is so foreign to you that some days you don’t know how you both survived. It’s looking to other positive men in your life to guide you through the difficult conversations. It’s realizing boys are sensitive too and allow them to embrace their emotions in a healthy way. You are ready for anything and not much surprises you. You take the bull by the horns, but remind him your love will never waiver, even when you are so angry you can’t see straight. You learn it’s good to cry in front of him, especially when he’s disappointed you. It’s teaching him how to be a man, without knowing yourself. It’s reminding him that being vulnerable is ok and fear is only temporary. It’s love and laughter. Tears and keep out signs. Video games and Legos.

The list could go on forever, but you get it. Being a #boymom is hard.  Not to take away from moms to little girls – trust me, I do not want that job. I was a terrible teenager and wouldn’t want to relive those hormones for all the money in the world.

I’m ready for what’s next. It’s like reading a new book, every chapter brings something exciting and while you can’t wait to get to the next one, you realize slowing down and appreciating the story is always more enjoyable.

Be blessed friends.

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