New Norm

A few times a year, we as a family have to adjust to a new normal.  The reasons why vary – schedule changes, school, summer break, etc. – but they all fall in the “adjustment” category.

October was a doozy.  Changes were coming at us from every direction.  The month started with a bang with Mercury in Retrograde.  Add to it work schedules, school schedules, weekend schedules with JJ’s dad, time changes.  It goes on and on.  By the end I was done.  I could see it was starting to get to all of us.

Thankfully the excitement of Halloween allowed us to forget our troubles for a few hours and it seems we’ve all reset.  I see it as God’s little nudge.  The holidays are coming and this is a time to be thankful and appreciate the world around us.  I love the crisp air and fall leaves.  The way the air smells after it rains – I almost forgot, but it finally rained here yesterday – like real rain!  The colors and all of the delicious food – and reasons to eat a little more than normal.

So while there is a natural element of stress that can come with change, roll with it and see what happens before resisting.  Change isn’t always bad.

This is my Day 2 post of #NaBloPoMo #BlogHer


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